We don’t collect any visitor information on our website, and we don’t track any I.P. addresses or device fingerprints, or locations, or anything from our Live Stream server. We don’t run Google Analytics or anything like that. The only information we see ever is how many listeners are listening to our stream, nothing identifiable is ever shared.

We do, however use a number of services that might collect information. If you use our Tip Jar, payments are processed by Stripe, who have their own privacy policy. If you buy anything from our Bandcamp page, you’re subject to their privacy policy, same goes for Twitter, Instagram, etc. But while you’re on our site, no data is collected.

If you sign up to our newsletter, your email address and name is held by Mailchimp. We use all settings available to reduce tracking from their services. We never share your email address or any other information with third parties.