I HATE MY RECORDS is a record label and live stream, outputting experimental recordings, sonic propaganda and other audible discontent since 2013.

The label started in Manchester, with
Edwin Dorley, George Rayner-Law, Darius O’Doughnuts and Chris Pigott, who met at a student group called Other Sounds at the University of Manchester, where they put out a zine, put on shows, played in bands and ran a radio show.

As a DIY tape label, IHMR started out with UK re-releases from US bands, such as
The Whoopass Girls and Perfect Pussy and original releases from MASS, Cop Graveyard, USA Nails, Pjaro, later focusing on noise and experimental artists like Small Joy, RVNES and News From Korea. All of our tape releases thus far are limited run, hand-duped, hand packaged DIY releases.

In 2021 we began a livestream psyop on our website, the purpose of which is to share work that are incomplete, works that have no finished state, works in progress, live works, works that don’t fit on finished goods. The stream broadcasts a mixture of live sessions and randomised playback of catalogue recordings, always presented without editorial.

Darius O’Doughnuts and George Rayner-Law now run
Brachliegen Tapes, where you can find their more recent collaborative and solo recordings, as well as other experimental / noise releases on cassette tape.

Edwin operates the live steam here, which broadcasts 24/7/365 with vital, perpetual auditory materiel, live and direct from our server to your vestibular system, in 44.1kHz 16-Bit 128 kbps Stereo MP3.

You can tap into the stream directly here: