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I Hate My Records operates a live stream and an independent record label, outputting noise, experimental recordings and anti-capitalist propaganda. It was founded in Manchester in 2013, and is currently broadcasting from London. 

We started putting out tapes in 2013 when Edwin Dorley, George Rayner-Law and Dominic O’Donoghue shared a house (also with Tim, who wasn’t interested) and played in a scrappy emo “post-industrial-post-hardcore” band, and our pal Chris Pigott lived down the road and occasionally let us play shows in his house. We originally promoted shows as part of Other Sounds and ran a student radio show, and later continued to promote shows as I Hate My Records. We started out with some European releases of some American bands, like The Whoopass Girls and Perfect Pussy. We released some hardcore and metal bands like MASS, Cop Graveyard, USA Nails, Pjaro, and later focusing on more noise and experimental artists like Small Joy, RVNES and News From Korea. All of our tape releases thus far are limited run, hand-duped, hand packaged DIY releases.

In 2021 we began a livestream psyop on our website.

Edwin went on to join a too-short-lived collective called Idle Chatter that for a while ran a venue in a warehouse next to the Islington Mill in Salford and which put on weird shows for experimental music / sound artists / electro-acousticians. He releases music as Work (formerly Werk) with George and still runs this label. He is, in fact, writing this bio in the third person right now. If you’re a fan of the ‘run it through another distortion plug-in’ school of engineering please hire him to produce your record. He does all the visual design for IHMR.

George releases solo works as Schwerpunkt, as a duo in Bootlicker, as a duo/trio/quartet/quintet as Work (formerly Werk) and tweets @onionfuture. He’s a darn fine trade-unionist, synthesist, field-recrordist, and historiological turn-based strategy game connoisseur, and you should hire him to produce your soundscape TODAY. He also does some engineering for Resonance FM.

Dom went on to start another, much better tape label, Brachliegen Tapes where you can also find some of his solo works, Vinegar Tom & Nocturn Void, and is one half of Bootlicker with our George.

Chris doesn’t publicly make music any more, in fact, he left his bass guitar at Edwin’s flat three flats ago and really should pick it up some time. He’s still there with a bag of cans at your noise show though.


The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) broadcasts 24/7/365 with vital, perpetual auditory materiel, live and direct from our server to your vestibular system. In 44.1kHz 16-Bit 128 kbps MP3 Stereo. The stream broadcasts some live and some pre-recorded audio. Get in contact with us for more info.

You can access the stream directly using this URL:


Q: Will you listen to my demo?

A: Absolutely. We listen to everything anyone sends us. We might even email back.

Q: Will you release my noise tape?

A: Probably not, we don’t put things out very often. But don’t let that stop you from sending it to us. In all honesty, you’re more likely to get a response from us asking “how to I self-release my own noise tape?”. DIY ’til I die.

Q: Will you play my track on your live stream?

A: Yeah, maybe, if it fits in with the milieu.

Q: Will you PLEASE respond to my email?

A: Probably not, no, sorry.

Q: I’d like to interview you for my blogspot called something like Dissonant Tapes, or for my column on a medium-sized music website with a one-word name like Line or Feat.

A: That’s more of a statement than a question, but, yeah, sure, get in touch with our “press office” here. I look forward to your email buzzing my handset.

Q: Will you put on my queer-punk spoken word ambient project in one of your shows in the back of a pub in Manchester, feed us a three-bean stew, hummus, whole-wheat pita bread, a surprisingly warm salad and a crate of beers, cover our petrol costs and let us stay the night on your sofa?

A: Honestly I’d like nothing more, but we don’t put on shows anymore. We don’t even live in the north-west, we all slowly emigrated south in false hope of gainful employment. I humbly apologise for our life-style mistakes.

Q: I’d like to intern at IHMR

A: You do realise it’s just me and George, right? We don’t even have a corner of a desk at a WeWork or a room at the end of a corridor in a warehouse with a kitchenette shared with an upholsterer. Still interested? Sure, you can probably run our Twitter account or something, just don’t post anything racist.

Q: I’d like a job at IHMR

You clearly didn’t read the previous FAQ properly, but look, I can’t pay you, but if you want to put us down on your CV or immigration document, we’ll happily supply references, just send us some backstory to work with.

Q: Hi, I am an employer who’s just received a job application from someone who used to work for IHMR

A: Cool. Yeah, they were amazing, they doubled our profits and increased engagement with our socials ten-fold, and they never, ever took a day off sick or stole any stationary. They were probably the best employee we ever had.

Q: Dear Ihate My Record, I am a vendor of a product and or service that could dramatically improve your website SEO today

A: I’m sure it could, thanks so much for ‘reaching out’. Our automated response system will may contact you 10-14 business days from ‘point of engagement’. By contacting us you have agreed to our ‘terms of service’ which bind you to a 12-month contact for our ’storing your email’ product, which will be billed at €1,000 per day. Thank you so much for your business, we look forward to speaking to you soon.

Q: I am a big scary lawyer and I’m here to issue a threat

A. What ever it was, we didn’t do it, your grace.